Educate, innovate and rebuild : Arduino-lutionize learning!


Push, pull, prod, pluck, place and program, and it flys! Modern day robotics has been revolutionized by many knick-knacks, and one such which is widely used is the Arduino, a quintessential innovation. So, who does an Arduino need? (Yes, you read that right!) An engineer, a doctor, a toy designer, an 80 year old grandpa, a school teacher, a 5 year old li’l Mr.Hyperactive, a 12 year old Miss.know-it-all, a 20 something college grad or even a crazy innovator. A tool which can be used to make the most whimsical to the most complex of objects can now make learning a fun process. What more could be asked for if it can help a great deal in building a child’s cognitive ability along with social skills!

DIY Arduino kits and kids of today

World over, kids, preteens and adolescents are pretty much contributing very heavily into this forte. A not-so-lone instance would be Quin Etnyre, a 12 year old, obsessed with DIY arduino projects, who challenged the world with a Gas Cap made with his own hands. That initiated his journey to start a company which now sells plug and play arduino compatible sensors and boards. Swooning down into this arena is yet another little champ, Sylvia Todd, a 12 year old Youtuber with over 2 million views for her channel that can teach one how to make simple squishy circuits to over-your-head robotics.

The fun part of such an exercise is the skills that your little champ develops along the way. Nurturing creative thinking, innovative ideas and a go-getter attitude in your kid can take him/her a long way, be it professionally or personally. For instance, a 7 year old introduced to a basic arduino kit would possibly believe it to be pure magic. But the sheer confidence the kid gains from creating similar “magic” on his own with the kit will be a great added bonus.

Scientifically speaking..

Coming down to the science of it, a healthy brain is one which can have similar working capacities for both its left and right parts. Breaking it down, your right brain works when you are creative, emotional or even intuitive while its opposite number flips when you go through logical or analytical thinking processes.

Sweet are the moments when one spends quality time with one’s children. The bond that is shared between a parent and the child is one which strengthens with the simple act of playing with the kid. So, why not make it more fruitful in terms of the long term benefits that the kid might have. Bring in a bit of cool science - a basic arduino based Junkbot kit, a bit of household scrap and some simple tools to get these together; all laid out on a fun evening with your li’l one. A dainty twee toy, but one smart and effective way for parents to bond with their kids along with silently inculcating in them a few skills for a lifetime.

A birthday gift, a christmas present, an evening surprise, back here at Junkbot we’ve got just what your child needs!