Inculcating STEAM skills in children: A must in today's world


What if we told you that your child's cognitive ability increases multiple folds while he/she is outside the classroom than inside it? What if we told you that education outside classrooms can contribute towards varied aspects related to the overall development of your kid? Today, as more and more FabLabs and makerspaces start devoting much time and resource for kids to design, invent and learn, the focus of the hour seems to be the importance of STEAM education to children.

As Thomas Edison rightly put it - “ To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk”. And back here at Junkbot, these words remain our daily mantra.

STEAM is the buzz word

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - STEM - has now coined along Art to the equation to be transformed as a wonderful amalgam to STEAM - STEM + Art. As doubtful as anybody can be on how this combo could possibly contribute to a child’s overall development, it comes as no surprise that world over governments and educational institutions are gladly giving the thumbs up for this movement.

When asked about how this synergy comes as a one-stop-solution, Georgette Yakman, one of the early founders of the STEM initiative has one beautiful sentence for everyone - “Science and Technology, interpreted through Engineering and the Arts, all based in elements of ​ Mathematics”. STEAM aims to enable learning by breaking the ice through creativity. Parents guiding their children into acquiring STEAM skills can find their little champ drawing out creative solutions and designing simple but efficient methods to continuously comprehend science and engineering; something which would have otherwise proved a hard task to many. Simple everyday tasks which would have been a habit rather than a ritual can prove to be a great source of learning to the kids.

STEAM in everyday life - the Junkbot way!

Putting STEAM concepts into everyday life can be easier than you think. Pulling off a few home-made creative crafts, enrolling kids for interactive summer programmes, visits to museums and exhibitions, fun math exercises and even a mom ‘n’ kiddo session in the kitchen are few common ways to start STEAM education for your kid. But, while the fun in these activities have considerable chances of wearing off with time, something that is sure to remain dear to children are their toys.

Educational toys are one vast forte which is fast dominating as a promoter of STEAM culture. And with Junkbot coming out with innovative kits and knick-knacks such as the Junkbot ​ Cardbrick- which functions much like Lego, but on a different scale - the young generation of today are sure to be flying high with astonishing skill sets to their credit even before they can have their driving licence! Junkbot makes inventing easy and recycling fun for kids along with developing creativity and ingenuity by inculcating in them STEAM skills.

To put it in simple terms, science, tech, engineering, art and math, all stitched together by a bout of creativity can take children a very long way along with preparing the scientists, artists, engineers, teachers and techies of tomorrow to look at the world with the eyes a visionary. So, with junkbot, let's say adios to boredom and welcome creative science into our living rooms!