Why ‘Change’ is today’s legit buzz word?


‘We need a change’, ‘I have to change’, ‘ We need something unique, something different’, our generation is sick and tired of hearing the word ‘change’ for an umpteen times every single day. But, we rarely has given time to contemplate on what is that change, which is really required. And obviously, change has always got its implied meaning for improving to a better state/level.

If all our activities, right from our routine chores to international systems are carefully analysed by dividing into sub-systems, and microscopically monitored for the aspects that need   change, we could find that, it is the fundamental elements that require a refurbishment. An improvement of a system or process, does not always require to be monitored with a wider lens, there could be very minute factors that need a slight orientation to run the system in full throttle.

This five letter word thus becomes a philosophy rather than a fancy term, only if it is considered with the future requirements in the thought-process. Modern Think-Tanks from various arenas thus have changed the strategy in future development, by focusing on the citizens of tomorrow, kids of today indeed!

To address the future concerns, like the issues identified by UN under the Millennium Development Goals, it is understood that, a strong and motivated research-minded generation should be the frontrunners to tackle those issues. To achieve that, there needs to be a strong mechanism in place which would drive the building generation, to spearhead the process to accomplish these goals. For that to happen, there require strategical planning for the modulation varying from current education system to child-rights.

One simple step, which could make a big leap, would be if there had a plan to inculcate the culture of creative thinking in kids. The term makes its real sense, not if short-liven goals are accomplished, but a long term strategy is established which could benefit mass of people and resources.

We at Junkbot, would call Change as a real change, if it is an evolution that creates something better. We do believe that, curriculum subjects are not just to be put on paper, rather it makes sense when it gets materialized. Join us and put hands together for the innovolution, to help kids understand STEAM concepts and practice the same. Nothing better can be paid back to the society than breeding a generation filled with ideas. It is in their hands the future rests !!

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