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Now bask in the bliss of creating your own robots from scraps, snippets and what not with the Award Winning Junkbot DIY Robotic Kit!

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About Junkbot Edu kit

Junkbot presents, the Junkbot Edukit, a DIY robotic kit that brings you STEAM concepts and fun learning effectively onto a single platform. What’s more, it’s open source, it’s Arduino based, it’s a skill booster and it’s tons of fun. A teaching tool, a toy, it can transform your young whippersnapper into a blossoming innovator with quirky ideas to reshape the ‘everyday’ with common junk. So, what happens when junk meets cool science? Junkbot!

Junkbot Arduino Edu Kit components

Why This Product Is Best
For You

A complete educational package, Junkbot provides children with the tools to enhance their STEAM skills, innovate, rebuild and bring out the autodidact in them through play. A single kit for a holistic approach to education!

Unlimited Projects

Explore a plethora of possibilities and build unlimited robots, gadgets and knick-knacks with Junkbot open source components.

Free Online & Junkbot Lab Support

Make your projects awesome with expert help from Junkbot! Get 2 free online sessions or 2 free visits to Junkbot lab with a kit! Also, bring out the inventor in you with free access to Junkbot inventor platform!


Now, create your own combinations, tweak your robo the way you want, with Junkbot open source components.


Check out the array of features that Junkbot Edukit has been equipped which makes it the edukit of choice for more than 1000 schools and 5000 inventors across the world.

Open Source

Reinvent your robot now, with flexible addons that are completely open source!

Unlimited Projects

Relish in the multiple choices that Junkbot provides you with unlimited project options to help you model your dream project and bring out the inventor in you.

Scratch Programming Enabled

Scratch programming based Junkbot codebricks brings you the benefit of drag and drop programming. Download, choose and code, it’s as easy as that!

Junkbot Edu Kit Components


Lego bricks? No way! Cute and compact innovative cardboard pieces to shape the robot of your dreams. Build it with junk or try out Cardbricks!

Free Inventor Platform Access

Have any queries and doubts about the Junkbot Edukit? Visit Junkbot Inventor Platform, get access to numerous tutorials, interact with the engineers and the community.

Free online and Junkbot Lab Access

What’s more? Get 2 free online sessions or free access to Junkbot Labs. We have an excellent support team to help you realise your dream project.


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Junkbot Superbots lets you make robots, gadgets & learn programming. Play Robotic football in your favorite player jersey. Super bots include cardbricks with fan made themes, electronic components and scratch based Junkbot Codebricks software to program the robot. This would be the utmost gift for any aspiring inventor kid who also love sport & games. Superbot will make you creative, program and of-course move.