Servo Motor


what is a Servo motor?

 Servo motors are electrical devices that are used to push or rotate the objects at different specific angles. It enable you to make robotics arm, gates, moving sensors and many other cool projects that demand moving in specific angles.

 How does it work?

The motor unit has a built-in circuitry to monitor its movement and to connect it directly to the Arduino, in addition to a positional shaft with a gear. An electrical signal is used to control the motor and determine the shaft movement amount. The motor have a flexibility turn up to 180 degrees as a maximum angle.

How to connect it?

 The servomotor has three leads. The red lead is 5V, the brown is the GND, and the orange lead is the control lead.

Red wire --> 5v on the board

Brown wire --> G on the board

Orange wire --> to any digital pin on the board

How to program it ? 

From " Robots" find the following block.