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Junkbot is a DIY robotic kit that enables young and old to create and build working robots from almost anything. It transforms house hold objects such as plastic bottles and old CDs,wooden spoons or cardboard in to unique,imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different levels of skill. As they delight in making new shapes come alive,kids will learn the core STEAM concepts of analytical thinking,problem solving,prototyping, lateral thinking and building.

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Junkbot Superbots lets you make robots, gadgets & learn programming. Play Robotic football in your favorite player jersey. Super bots include cardbricks with fan made themes, electronic components and scratch based Junkbot Codebricks software to program the robot. This would be the utmost gift for any aspiring inventor kid who also love sport & games. Superbot will make you creative, program and of-course move.

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The Junkbot Edu-kit lets teachers teach their students the basics of STEAM concepts while having fun! The kit is based on open source Arduino and, therefore is open to connect with other electronic components. With the kit, students will be able to make robots out of junk they can find around the classroom. The electronics are left wide open to help their students be familiar with the components and learn the basics both quickly and effectively. Our platform is freely available to the students, complete with tutorials to make different kinds of junkbots.

Make your own personal robots from junk.

Junkbot enables hobbyists and creators of all ages and from all walks of life to use our open source platform and hardware components to build personal robots that solve day to day problems.

Learn basics of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Junkbot can help your child of any age to learn the core STEM/STEAM concepts of analytical thinking, problem solving, prototyping, lateral thinking and building, while having fun and creating a robot all of their own.

Imagine education that is entertaining

Junkbot can help to bring the practical applications of STEM/STEAM within reach of all of your students, and allow your classes to work together and innovate while building a practical, functional robot to their own design.

Lets build our future generation

Junkbot can bring theoretical learning home to students and future innovators, igniting the spark of interest in students that can ultimately light the flame of future growth and development.


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What People Say About Junkbot

For Educators

Junkbot Edu kit helps students make robots from junk and learn the basics of steam concepts. Schools or educators can not only use our DIY Junkbot Edu kit that enables the child with resources to develop the inventor within, but also gets full support through our cloud platform and an active community of fellow inventors.

With Edu Kit, you can also subscribe to our 'Build Inventors' interactive sessions focused on the core concepts of STEAM integrated into ROBOTICS by team JunkBot. Contact us for more information.

For Organizations

Organizations use Junkbot to promote Sustainability, Recycling, STEAM Education, Robotics, Innovation and out of the box thinking among the employees or for the society.

Junkbot help organizations achieve their vision and CSR goals by working with them to attain the utmost results. Dubai Electricity and water authority distributed 500 kits in Dubai Schools to discover the best growing inventor in the region. Contact us for more information.